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TUNGUARD s.r.o. is a specialized consulting company based in Košice (Slovakia), which offers services like expert judgement, consulting, planning, staff support to authorities and private enterprises concerning underground infrastructures, fire protection planning and tunnel ventilation.

Our services:

  • Development of safety concepts for road and rail tunnels, metro and other underground systems.
  • Hazards and risks analyses in tunnels for transport of dangerous goods (DG).
  • Elaboration of the bases for emergency planning (evacuation planning, evacuation evaluation / simulation, fire simulation).
  • Projection of measures for the safe operation of infrastructures (safety relevant technical and operational measures, constructional fire protection and environmental protection measures and others).
  • Elaboration of emergency plans for owners / operators of facilities / intervention services and furthermore plans emergency exercises concepts.
  • Planning of tunnel ventilation concepts and evaluation of existing ventilation systems through aerodynamical simulations.
  • Planning and review of structural fire protection.





June 1, 2011

Establishment of Tunguard s.r.o.


June 10, 2011

Start of webpage


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